National restaurant of Hotel “Kragujevac”

nacionalni-restoranNational Restaurant Hotel Kragujevac, the place is where he is most diverse catering desire to provide high quality service and satisfied customers is imperative.

The national restaurant you can enjoy food and drink in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The capacity is from 120 to 400 seats. Whether you want breakfast, business, family dinner or a formal dinner, our staff will help you make the right choice from our menu which offers a wide range of dishes of national cuisine. It is situated at the reception, open to both hotel guests and for guests who are not staying at the hotel.

To celebrate all the best moments in the lives of our guests, such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, company celebrations and so on., The restaurant is full for 400 seats. Due to the availability of congress hall, the National Restaurant easily takes on the role of congress and of equal quality can meet the requirements and meet the standards.



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