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smestajFrom the moment when the idea of building a new hotel in the city, and to this day , accommodation services was and still is one of the most important hotel in Kragujevac .

Following an extensive reconstruction in the last two years , completely renovated accommodation at the Hotel Kragujevac .

According to the official categorization, Kragujevac Hotel is a three star accommodation and has a total capacity of 178 beds , spread from the first to the eighth floor . Offers a large selection of single and double rooms , as well as apartments. Accommodation capacity are 7 apartments , 40 single rooms , 42 double rooms and 14 rooms with double beds and 1 apartment for people with disabilities.

All rooms are equipped with satellite TV, telephone , safe , internet, air conditioning , mini - bar, bathroom . Safety rating was raised to the highest level by using some of the latest fire protection systems .

Required equipment every bathroom is an SOS button . All rooms are equipped with a system of smart rooms , providing guests with safety, quality and comfort and the staff provide better service .

Guests have access to a room service , laundry service , and full service reception lasting from 00 - 24:00 . The basic service is a bed and breakfast , and guests can use the services of half and full board. Reservations can be made directly , by phone, mail, fax or through an intermediary.

Prices are per person , per day , based on ND , for groups and special requirements , the discount .



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