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hotel danasAfter completion of the adaptation , which is extensively unfolded last two years, the hotel has got a brand new, modern and sophisticated look , in line with the latest architectural designs . Hotel Kragujevac according to the official categorization of a three- star accommodation and has a total capacity of 178 beds .

Offers a large selection of single and double rooms , as well as apartments. Accommodation capacity are 7 suites , 40 single rooms , 42 double rooms and 14 rooms with double beds and 1 apartment for people with disabilities . If you are planning to organize a meeting or conference , you will find air-conditioned and equipped congress center with 5 separate units with total capacity of 1270 participants , and from 20 to 540 participants depending on the sale .

The hotel also has two restaurants . The hotel restaurant is for hotel guests as well as a la carte guests who prefer local cuisine . It is also suitable for organizing various events. A la carte Restaurant " Panorama " has a capacity of 80 seats , and from it a view of the entire city . The hotel has a cocktail bar with 30 seats .

All of these facilities are where you can spend pleasant moments and enjoy with your business partners and friends. Great convenience to the hotel 's own site in the city center and its own parking .

During the renovation of the existing summer and a winter garden..



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