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istorija-hotela...How did it all start ?

First Since November , 1960. The decision was made to come up with ' next spring commence the construction of a new hotel ( Hotel " Kragujevac) with 89 rooms and 160 beds . Facility to dispose restaurant with 160 seats, terrace with 260 seats, a hall for banquets , meetings and celebrations , with dancing space bar ... according to the invoice , the total investment would amount to the then 400 million. For the location of the proposed building three variants: the place where the music school ( across the street from the restaurant " Residence " ) , with another concrete bridge on Lepenica ( proctor present building social insurance ), and in the city center , the place where the canteens "Beograd" . Prevailed in the last version ( jubilar informationsheet  UTRO  Kragujevac , number93, yearXI , p.9 , 08.05.1986 )

And someone in the information sheet of 17.3. In 1961.  wrote: " ... since the first of August will be at this point appears the construction site, it will be the start of work on raising a representative hotel of 8 floors ... The facility will build the two and a half building season and will be one of the ornaments of the new settlement " Lepenica " that will gradually emerge from next year . " ( Jubilee factsheet UTRO Kragujevac , Number 93 First XI , STR9 . 08.05.1986.god )

Our wonderful story , however, began in 1964. In a representative hotel in the city - Hotel "Kragujevac" was started, now average, in 1966. Year.

The hotel was built by architect J.Jeftanovic , a contractor was a company " Kazimir Veljkovic ." So it all started.

It exists for almost half a century . With our city we shared except the names of the ups and downs , our hopes and fears , our plans and desires and, most importantly , joy . With us, you woke up , we have you covered at rest, with us you are celebrating your s" YES " when you are  giving birth to children , baptisms, all of their birthdays , graduations , and then we celebrated and their " yes" and all that order for half a century .

Your memories are related to us . We entered into your homes , find their place as we did not manage anyone else in this city . We have become the first choice of the town for years and recognizable as a traditional center of social events , hosts numerous cultural events , celebrations , business meetings , seminars and presentations. Since 2005. , After the successful privatization and serious investments, we continued on, more successful , and today the Hotel "Kragujevac" , more beautiful than ever , ready welcomes its guests.

Thank you for trust in us for all these years !



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