History of hospitality

istorijat-ugostiteljstvaCatering to such activity occurs in Kragujevac in the second half of the 15th century, during the rule of the Turkish. In populated Lepenice left bank, near present lower concrete bridge, there have been several inns and two caravanserai, for travelers and traders.

Its rapid development, kragujevačko catering recorded after the liberation of Serbia from the Turkish. According to the census in 1836.year, the town then there are 600 houses, 2000 inhabitants, and 7 inn, and in 1866. In Kragujevac had 6386 inhabitants and 100 catering shops of which 41 pubs and 69 saloons.

At the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, Kragujevac had three hotels. Hotel "Kragujevac" after a two-year long construction began operations back in 1966. and lasts until today.



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